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Our company specializes in media production – sound, video and advertisements. Our technologically advanced recording studio offers a wide range of possibilities and gives the opportunity to combine various cultures.

Our goal is to fuse the extraordinary Eastern and Western traditions in the very center of Europe – Hamburg, Germany. We merge our passions through sound creation – foley recording, postproduction and dubbing, working mainly in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv; both in Ukrainian as well as in Russian. We are open to fresh ideas and are happy to discuss our capabilities with you!

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We have successfully completed many projects related to the Ukrainian and Russian dubbing and Foley sound creation. Our cooperation with Kiev is developing constantly. The location in Hamburg broadens our horizons of sound production throughout Europe and the whole world! We go beyond the European cooperation with Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia through the collaboration with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and even USA!

West Media Gruppe is a successful union of three separate companies: Tretyakoff Production Kiev (since 2006), West Media Gruppe Ltd. Hamburg (since 2010) and Cinema Sound Production Kyiv (since 2017). West Media Gruppe has been part of the film industry for more than 10 years! Supreme quality of production, affordable prices and fast execution of orders are just some of the values of the West Media Gruppe brand. West Media Gruppe has supported Cinema Sound Production with the necessary know-how to achive the status „Dolby 7.1, Dolby Atmos certified studio“. Since Oktober 12, 2018 we are proud to be the first studio of that kind throughout the Ukraine.
We create the audiovisual pieces to meet the diverse needs of the media industry. Our vast range of expertise includes among others: sound design, recording, mixing, DCP 2D and 3D, Dolby 7.1 and Atmos encoding, tone/video fine cut, actor casting, KDM creation and advertisements.

We receive orders from all over the world and are mainly recognized as Foley recording, Ukrainian and Russian dubbing and sound design studio. We gained recognition due to various professional achievements in previously mentioned Kyiv, however we are continuously operating throughout and beyond Europe. Every day we face new, wonderful sound challenges and achieve even more success.

If you want to become a part of our marvellous media enterprise, please do not hesitate to cooperate with us!



Dubbing incl. Voice Over, Titles, Subtitles Ukrainian/Russian/German (Theatrical/TV/Advertising)
Sound Design, Foley, Special Sound SFX/FX, Mixing (Theatrical/TV/Advertising)
Dolby Atmos encoding (Theatrical/Advertising)
Tone/Video Fine Cut (Theatrical/TV/Advertising)
Sound Tracks (Theatrical/TV/Advertising)
Actors Casting/Voices Base (Theatrical/TV/Advertising)
2D/3D DCP content, KDM creation (Theatrical/Advertising)
Co-Production (Theatrical/TV/Advertising)


  • West Media Gruppe s.r.o.

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    Handelsregister Hamburg: HRB 157594

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